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Landed in a dream job

“Every day is a 150 kilometer commute, but it’s worth it to me!” Because Julia is certain: She has landed in her dream job. After graduating from secondary school, she first trained as a travel agent. But eventually, selling fantastic trips was no longer enough. She wanted to discover the world herself and go in a new direction. For two years she’s flown around the world as a Flight Attendant, getting to know foreign countries and cultures – until a job offer with the perfect mix of both jobs emerged: Lufthansa Service Agent. And now, almost 15 years later, she’s never regretted her decision for even a single day.

"We will contact you"

You know the empty phrases that you often hear at the end of a job interview. And you know that unfortunately in many cases, nothing comes of it. It was different for Julia. “When I applied, there was a hiring freeze. But I was assured that I would be onboard as soon as new people were sought.” And it was true: Julia regularly received feedback from Lufthansa and was kept up-to-date, until finally the long-awaited job offer was there. “I was not forgotten. I think that’s just wonderful!”

Small gestures, big impact

As in any service job, a Service Agent sometimes receives negative feedback from passengers – but at the end of the day, it’s the many positive moments and people that Julia remembers. There is an extremely relaxed and positive mood particularly for Oktoberfest. “For Oktoberfest we are allowed to exchange our uniform for a dirndl. I really like it and wear another one almost every day.” The enthusiasm and curiosity of the passengers is great. “People frequently talk to you. Many ask for a picture – and as a thank you there is always a gingerbread heart.”

At home all over the world

“Travel a lot for little money. You can’t do that anywhere as well as here!” As a Service Agent, one can get flight tickets at a special low price. That means one always has the possibility to fly away spontaneously. “Real freedom,” believes Julia, and immediately innumerable places that are still on her bucket list shoot through her mind. “As soon as new flight plans are released, I look to see if there are any destinations that I’m not familiar with.” But she also gets to know people from different cultures in her daily work – after all, the world is a guest every day at the Munich airport.