Impact of Corona-Crisis

About time:matters

We at time:matters are the Experts for High Performance and global Special Speed Logistics - and we love what we do!

We transport urgently needed spare parts, life-saving stem cells and important documents by air, rail and road quickly and reliably from A to B - if required also personally accompanied by an airmates On Board Courier.

For our customers, our approximately 370 employees worldwide implement tailor-made logistics solutions and make the seemingly impossible possible.

Would you like to contribute to the success of time:matters with your unique personality?

More about us

1. We are passionate …

...about our people and customers.

We are committed to service, excellence, and courage

and always trying to make the impossible happen.

2. We want and accept responsibility...

...especially when things go wrong.

We put competence above ego,

and we're there when our customers or colleagues need us.

3. We talk straight and do right... expecting honesty.

So, we put the fish on the table,

and we never sacrifice integrity, respoect and tolerance.

4. We enjoy what we do...

...playing hard & working smart,

in that undefinable mix of playfulness & professionalism,

fueled by a vision, lots of ambition and constant learning.